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All Save Brand toner cartridges are manufactured under stringent conditions by ISO 1400:2004 certified factory to ensure only the highest quality cartridges are distributed to our customers. Our strategies are simple. We use only the highest quality raw materials, empties and constantly monitor and train our production personnel in the latest production methods to ensure the performance of our cartridges are of highest standards possible before delivery to our customers.

Why use compatible toner cartridges?
Cost Savings :-
Reduce printing expenses up to 50%
Environment :-
Reduce global warming and unnecessary wastage of precious raw materials.
Quality :-
Compatible toner cartridges can be as good as the original depending on the manufacturer and the raw materials used. Normally the cheaper the cartridges the lower the quality as more components of the cartridges are reused instead of changed. Choosing wisely will ensure stress free printing operations.  

 Why choose us?
Save is manufactured by ISO 9001:2000 certified company. The ISO 1400:2004 certification testifies to our commitment to produce only the highest quality compatible toner cartridges.



Why we need recycle?
Save Cost
Recycle cartridge can save money at least 50% from buy original cartridge.(Price Half of ther original cartridge and Ink we give 30% more)
Save Enviroment
Recycle Cartridge can reduce rubbish.
Professional tools
We use machine and tools to recycle cartridge. It very defferent from self refill kit which cartridge do not clean and service.

Continue Ink Supply System (CISS)


What is CISS?
CISS, or Continuous Ink Supply System, is a device which allows to bring down expenditure for printing on an ink-jet printer, plotter or All-In-One. By installing CISS ink system on an ink-jet printer you will get excellent printing quality and huge printing cost saving.

Technical report.
We recommend that customers using the printer everyday. because this system uses air pressure pull ink cartridge out from ink tank. should not use this printer, cartridge air press to hold the ink tank. so as to reuse sometimes be a problem when printing.


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